About me

My name is Rutger Joosten, Graduated student Game Design & Development (school: HKU) from the Netherlands. Within the many areas of game development I am especially passionate about 3D graphics.
Although, I have always been interested in 3D graphics, my passion for this area originated from the tutorial '3Ds Max 6.0 Basics' guide book. Thanks to the many different applications of it, I instantly felt attached to the program. 3Ds Max introduced me to the world of graphic design, allowed me to use my creativity and visualize all sorts of  images. By practice I developed reasonable modelling skills. However, the designing process I went through (and taught myself) contained several unnecessary, time consuming stages.

A year later I  applied for Game Design & Development at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht, an educational program of art which covered Game Design and Development in the Netherlands.
Thanks to my autodidact modelling skills I was admitted and learned a lot about graphic design, game design, a little programming, animations, level design and  little audio design. All areas of Game developments have been gone through. The last years of school I specialised myself in the area I fancy the most: 3D graphics (and a little bit animation).

My fields of Interest

My fields of interest are related to my education. I like drawing, watching movies and listening music. These areas are all adding to my creativity which I will use for my game designs. Furthermore, I am interested in history and foreign countries and I like to socialize with my friends with whom I usually play games and watch movies as well.